Links: Freelance blog posts for Keepsafe

  • Have trouble separating your work life from your personal life? Use Keepsafe Unlisted to draw a line between business and pleasure. (Speaking of, remember Start the Revolution Without Me? It was great!)
  • Did you know there’s a Data Privacy Day? And it’s January 28th? Read more about the what, the why, and the how to celebrate. (I had a lot of fun with this one.)
  • Looking for a job (like I always am)? Check out these Job Hunting Tips, and if you’re applying for something in another city, think about using Keepsafe Unlisted to use a local area code.
  • A slightly paranoid holiday post and summary of all of Keepsafe’s apps.
  • Date safely with Keepsafe’s Unlisted app. Herein I ask questions like, “What is a burner phone?” Answer: A temporary phone number that you can throw away when you’re done with it, just like the broken husks of your scorned lovers.
  • Think you’re safe on public WiFi? Then we’ve got a lot to talk about, you poor, sweet, innocent creature. Here are the Top Five Reasons To Use a VPN.