Ugly Mug

The owner of my favorite coffee shop buys his mugs at yard sales. I never know which one he’ll give me. It might be the one with a caffeine molecule (C8H10N4O2), or the one with Mother is another word for love in purple cursive across a heart.


To read my first McSweeney's piece in its original glory, click here.   MAY 12, 2017 36 HOURS AT MY PARENTS’ HOUSE by JEREMY RESNICK There’s no place like home! Inconveniently located a twenty-five-minute drive from anywhere, this Bel-Air neocolonial is popular with nostalgia lovers and masochists alike. Whether gazing at walls lined with awkward childhood photos … Continue reading Link: 36 HOURS AT MY PARENTS’ HOUSE

Et tu, Body?

from The Texas Review 39 (1 & 2) Spring/Summer 2018 * Melissa always said she was terribly allergic to mustard. She claimed she’d go into anaphylactic shock if she swallowed even a single seed. She always carried an EpiPen, and at every restaurant she’d ask the server to check with the kitchen to make certain … Continue reading Et tu, Body?